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Cracking the bar code

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Cracking the bar code

Shaken or stirred? Take a short course on barspeak and impress your friends

What is a "A Chartreuse rinse?"

Muddling ?  Oh now I am getting confused.......

Mix that with Hpnotiq - not a typo!

My kind of "twist". - If the bartender flames the twist by holding a lighted match between the peel and the glass, you'll actually see the oils ignite like supernovas in the night as they cascade onto the drink. The flame caramelizes the oils, and the resultant aromas are a little earthier when the twist gets flamed.

to become a bar expert in a short lesson from Gary Regan the author of "The Joy of Mixology: The Consummate Guide to the Bartender's Craft."  read on:


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Cracking The Bar Code