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Cross Breeding of Food

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Cross Breeding of FoodI recently ate a Tortilla Hamburger, that made me think about the different kinds of food out there that mix two cuisines. More interestingly how about trying to create a dish by mixing two cuisines. From my limited think tank I could throw out just these.

Kung Pao - T Bone

Curry Cojones

Chicken friend tofu

Or how about cross breeding seeds

Watermelon + peanuts = pea melons

Cilantro + Parsley = Silly

Cucumber + Okra = Cokra

Lets see what you can come up with.. Happy breeding


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i like the cokra and silly combos - this is hilarious  you should digg this 
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Lage raho MunnaBhaiI too like cokra...
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Very interesting....I would like to correct some information to you blog,nitin.In Gastronomic language mixing food of 2 or more cusines is called 'fusion cookery' and not cross breeding.However mixing of 2 or more ingredient of same cuisine and calling it a funky name is just a advt gimmick
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Hi Trojan Horse, thanks for the information. Pardon me for being Gastronomically incorrect, but I think cross breeding is cathcier and plus its all imaginary and hypothetical. What would come out of a cross between a water melon and a peanut anyway. If you wanna picturise the end result of this imagine the off spring of Anna Nicole Smith and J Howard Marshall :)
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This is good. I will have to come up with some of my own.
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This is a interesting....I love hamburger.Thanks
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im actually looking for real gean splicing, really fummy but imagine if you could actually have pea sized melons...they already made them seedless and all the same size who knows what else they will acieve in the next few years
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this sounds too close to GMO's to moi Do you know what Cojones are? It is a very vulgar word in Spanish for a man's testicles. Opps.
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i really thought that cross-breeding is only for human race or living things. i never realize that it can also be done even on pastries or cookies and cakes. in fact, looks good and it may even taste great too.
Cross Breeding Of Food