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Potato Enchilada

Potato enchilada is a Mexican main dish of tortillas which are rolled with a potato based filling, covered with enchilada sauce, topped with cheese and baked. Inclusion of different ingredients gives variation to the dish. Although, baking is the main method of cooking this dish, the tortillas may sometimes just be stacked on top of each other, sandwiching the filling, instead of being rolled.

Popular Preparation Methods

Classic Potato Enchilada

Ingredients – Vegetable oil, peeled and shredded potatoes, melted cheese, tomatoes, green chile peppers, sweet peas, whole corn kernels and flour tortillas.

Preparation – The potatoes are fried till golden and combined with the peppers, cheese, tomatoes, sweet peas and corn and the mixture is mashed. It is then rolled inside the tortillas, which in turn are smothered with the tomato mixture and more cheese and baked until bubbly.

Bean Potato Enchilada

Ingredients – Baking potatoes, olive oil, milk, pinto beans, onion, taco seasoning mix, corn tortilla, Monterey Jack cheese, enchilada sauce, salsa and cheddar sauce.

Preparation – The potatoes are boiled and whipped into a creamy mixture after the addition of milk and olive oil. The mixture is further stirred with onion, seasoning and beans and the mixture is rolled inside heated tortillas along with the Monterey Jack cheese. The tortillas are then bathed in the enchilada sauce and salsa, topped with the cheddar cheese and baked.

Swiss Chard and Potato Enchilada

Ingredients – Swiss chard, vegetable oil, salt, Yukon gold potato dices, onion, garlic, ground pepper, Cojito cheese crumble, corn tortillas, Tomatillo salsa and sour cream.

Preparation – The potatoes are fried and seasoned and cooked with onion, garlic and Swiss chard. The tortillas are fried and rolled with the potato mixture inside, spooned over with salsa and cheese topping and baked. The dish is served with sour cream.


Potato Enchilada Skillet Dinner –This is an exception potato enchilada preparation which defies the traditional recipe by giving both the tortilla and the method of baking a miss. This dish is popularly made with leftover meat like beef, turkey or chicken and cooked in the skillet, hence the name. The potato is cooked with green pepper, corn and meat. The mixture is topped with enchilada sauce and sprinkled with cheese, cut into wedges and served with sour cream.


This preparation is best eaten hot. It is generally eaten as a main dish for dinner. Pinot Gris and Zinfandel are good wines to pair up with this dish.

Nutritional Information

A dish of potato enchilada with regular ingredients like cheese, potato and vegetables would provide 360 calories on an average with around 12 grams of fat and 15 milligrams of cholesterol.