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Grilled Egg

Grilled egg is a food preparation commonly prepared by grilling cracked egg in bell pepper half. Though the eggs can be grilled alone by cracking one egg in each hole of a muffin pan, however, the use of bell peppers in the process of grilling is preferred the most. Round and large sized bell peppers are normally used for preparing grilled eggs, so that the eggs can be held easily. Other ingredients like cheese, cumin, salt, and pepper can also be used to prepare the dish. The appeal of the dish can be enhanced by serving it after sprinkling cracked tortilla chips on top.

Ingredients and Preparation

Eggs and bell peppers are the only two ingredients required as per the simplest grilled egg recipe. The egg is cracked in one of the bell pepper halves (with placenta and seeds of bell pepper removed), and grilled on a pre-heated grill.

The dish can be cooked for a relatively longer time if it is to be enjoyed as a finger food, so that the egg yolk is not runny. However, it can also be consumed in semi-cooked form with the help of fork and knife. The grilled egg dish can be enjoyed on its own or with a dash of some salt, pepper, and hot sauce on top.

Grilled Egg Recipe Variations

A few popular variations of grilled egg have been discussed as under:

  • Grilled egg with tortilla chips- this preparation process involves placing deseeded chile half onto an aluminum foil; cracking an egg into the deep portion of the chile; sprinkling salt, cumin, cayenne chili pepper, and Mexican cheese on cracked egg; and then grilling it after covering it loosely with aluminum foil. The egg is grilled until desired doziness is attained, and the dish is served after spreading cracked corn tortilla chips on top and garnishing with cilantro.

  • Chipotle sauce based grilled egg- this recipe for grilled egg suggests grilling a mix of eggs, salt, cheese, and chipotle sauce (a smoky cream sauce made with yogurt, mayonnaise, and chipotle peppers) in bell pepper half until egg mix is bubbly and brown.

  • Grilled fried egg- grilling already fried egg is another way of preparing grilled egg dish.

  • Onions and bell peppers based variant- When grilled in a muffin pan, chopped onions, chopped bell peppers, and spices and seasonings as per an individual’s taste, can be added to cracked eggs in muffin pan’s holes.

Nutrition Facts

One large sized grilled or fried egg of around 46 g provides around 90 calories, obtained from 7 g of fat, 210 mg of cholesterol, 94 mg of sodium, and 6 g of protein. Grilled egg is enriched with goodness of egg, which is a rich source of vitamins A and D, biotin, folic acid, and choline. All these nutrients in eggs help in maintaining appropriate health of the brain, eyes, and nerves. Further, moderate consumption of eggs does not affect the cholesterol level of an individual in a negative manner.