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Basted Eggs

Basted eggs can be described as a cross between a poached egg and an egg cooked with its sunny side up. It is prepared by combining two different types of cooking methods where it is allowed to to be fried for a minute or two before adding water on top of the eggs. The result is a combination of frying and steaming which makes the cooked egg look similar to a sunny side up egg with a yolk that appears to be cloudy. The traditional method of preparing basted eggs involves covering the skillet or frying pan with a lid while cooking.

Bacon fat was usually used for cooking the eggs traditionally. The fat that remained in the skillet after frying bacons or sausages was originally used to baste eggs. The fat is usually added on top of the egg several times in order to allow cooking of both the sides simultaneously.

The dish is a part of a traditional English breakfast and is frequently consumed in America as well as the erstwhile British colonies.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Basted Eggs

Basting an egg does not require additional ingredients apart from the egg. The traditional preparation method called for bacon-fat but the dish can be cooked in butter or any other type of oil as well. The egg is cracked open and added to the hot fat or oil with the seasoning of salt and pepper being added to it immediately. Sprinkling some water on the eggs after allowing it to be fried briefly, is the next step which causes steaming of the egg after it is cooked with the lid on. The hot fat is also ladled over the egg alternatively, allowing both the top as well as its underside to be cooked in unison.

Popular Basted Eggs Recipe Variations

  • Over Easy – A dish consisting of eggs cooked on both sides with the yolk being kept runny while the egg white hardens into a congealed mass.
  • Bife a Cavalo- This is a Brazillian dish of steak served with a basted egg on top.
  • Uitsmijter- This is a Dutch dish consisting of multiple fried or basted eggs.
  • Medamayaki- This is the Japanese version of eggs, basted in oil. It is seasoned with soy sauce at the table.
  • Alabama Eggs-The eggs are basted after placing them on circular pieces of bread which are fried in the same fat.


The Pennsylvania Dutch referred to the basted eggs as dippys, as they dipped their bread in the soft yolks before eating them.