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Advocaat is a liqueur quite popular in countries across the European continent. Also spelled as advokat, the advocaat liqueur is a sweetened concoction of sugar, brandy and eggs whisked to a frothy consistency. The alcohol content is usually around 15% in UK and America but the nations in Continental Europe prefer their advocaat with varying amounts of alcohol namely brandy. The usual amount however hovers between 14% to 20% which is traditionally not exceeded in any of the popular advocaat recipes. The taste of the advocaat is somewhat bland in spite of having sugar in it. Advocaat liqueur is known for its smoothness which is an important factor that needs to be taken care of while preparing it. De Kuyper, Warners, Warninks and Bols are some of the most well known commercial establishments engaged in preparing the advocaat liqueur.

History Of Advocaat Liqueur

Advocaat was first enjoyed by the Dutch settlers in Surinam. The initial advocaat recipes consisted of the avocado fruit which was not available in Holland. The Dutch could not let go of the habit of having advocaat and substituted the fruit with egg yolks. The name advocaat has also been derived from the Dutch term for the avocado fruit.

Ingredients Used And Popular Advocaat Recipes

Advocaat recipes usually mention the preparation of two distinct types of advocaat. The Dutch people prefer to spoon the thick and smooth liqueur into their mouths while the more liquid form is exported to the other countries of Europe and the United States of America.

A number of ingredients go into the advocaat and most of the advocaat recipes make use of cream and evaporated milk in order to smoothen the liqueur. Eggs, brandy and sugar are the main ingredients of the advocaat liqueur although a number of other aromatic spirits can be used as well. Honey is also used as an alternative to sugar while the eggs may be used entirely or partially in achieving the desired consistency.

The thick, semi solid concoction is served with an array of desserts including pastries, puddings and ice creams. It may also be served before meals as the advocaat liqueur is considered to be an aperitif as well. The traditional advocaat recipes recommend serving it in a tall glass along with whipped cream. A sprinkling of cocoa powder over the top of the liqueur is the method preferred by the Dutch.

The more liquid form of advocaat is used for making cocktails on account of the egg yolks that it contains. One of the most popular cocktails prepared with the advocaat liqueur is the Snowball which is a combination of sparkling lemonade and advocaat.

Serving & Eating Advocaat Liqueur

The thicker version that is normally served with desserts contains the egg whites and is too thick to be a drink.

The export variety is prepared by following the traditional advocaat recipes which makes use of the egg yolks only.

Variations Of Advocaat

The Snowball is also enjoyed with a dash of lime while the Italians prefer another cocktail prepared with the liqueur. Advocaat recipes recommend mixing half and half of advocaat and brandy to get the Bombardino. The cocktail is now available in a lot of variations which include black coffee and whiskey. Several protein drinks and caffeine derivatives are also used in the cocktails now.

The Bombardino is usually served hot with a lot of whipped cream on the top. It is a favorite at the Italian ski slopes. However, other forms of advocaat liqueur cocktails are named differently. The calimero is advocaat with coffee for instance while pirata and scozzese are advocaat recipes for cocktails of the liqueur with rum and whiskey respectively.

The Green Monster is another popular cocktail which contains Blue Curacao, gin and vodka apart from the liqueur. A combination with Chambord makes it taste just like the jam roly poly and is named as such. Joker, on the other hand is a cocktail of orange juice, advocaat, cointreau and vodka.

Nutritional Facts Of Advocaat

Advocaat liqueur is high on carbohydrates and is considered to be a high energy liqueur. It is not exactly low in calories with an adequate amount of eggs and sugar going into it. The protein content is however quite high and is ideal to keep warm on intensely cold days.

Miscellaneous Facts About Advocaat

A number of drinks prepared from eggs, cream and vanilla bear a striking resemblance to the advocaat . The Polish drink ajerkoniak is very similar but uses vodka instead of brandy while the Sabajón from Columbia along with the Rompope, the Mexican drink comes very close to the liqueur.

Advocaat : Trivia

• The former Dutch football coach called Dirk Nicolaas Advocaat is currently the football coach for Russia.

• Advocaat is a sorcerer who teaches magic in GrimGrimoire, a popular video game for Playstation.