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Deep-Fried Eggs

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These particular eggs are deep-fried in oil.
You need enough oil in a small pan to cover one egg completely.
Only one egg is cooked at a time.
Olive oil and nut oil may be used; these give a very delicate flavour to the eggs.
Break each egg into a cup.
Heat the oil to boiling point in a saucepan or deep frying pan, and slip the egg into it, holding the cup as close as possible to the surface of the oil.
The egg turns golden in a few seconds.
Turn it carefully with a skimming ladle, brown the other side for another 3 or 4 seconds, drain, and put on a hot plate.
Do all the eggs in this way.
The best way of serving these fried eggs is to place each on a piece of bread fried in butter, and to pour into the middle of the plate—but not on to the eggs—one of the following: Pepper sauce (see chapter on sauces).
Curry risotto, garnished with chipolata sausages, fried in olive oil.
Chopped calf's liver and mushrooms cooked in butter for 15 minutes, and bound, when cooked, with an onion sauce (see chapter on sauces).
As you put the egg into the hot oil, sprinkle it with chopped ham, quickly fold the white over the ham and turn the egg over with a fish slice or skimming ladle.
Serve eggs done in this manner on slices of ham warmed in butter, and spread with tomato puree seasoned with Cayenne pepper.

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Deep-Fried Eggs Recipe