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Eggs In Ramekins

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It is always pleasant to serve eggs in the little individual ramekins or custard cups called " cocottes" in France; and this is a method lending itself to much delightful variety in the use of fresh eggs.
You can use little china molds or ramekins, but the small dark-brown fireproof dishes looking like toy frying-pans are the best for this purpose.
The eggs are eaten with a spoon.
Put some fat into each tiny cocotte dish, then a sauce or a filling as described below, then break an egg on top of it: add seasoning.
Stand the cocottes in a dish or in a shallow pan containing hot water to a depth of about an inch.
Cover with a piece of white paper and put in a moderate oven for 3 to 7 minutes.
If the oven seems too hot leave the door open.
When cooked the white of the egg should be creamy; the yolk, only just firm, like that of a lightly boiled egg.
Timing is important; half a minute too long may ruin them.

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Eggs In Ramekins Recipe