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Pineapple Snow Eggs

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Pineapple Snow Eggs is simply a delicious recipe. A delicious dessert recipe; I bet this Pineapple Snow Eggs will surely tempt you to prepare on every party!
  Coarsely chopped fresh pineapple 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs) (Reserve Juice)
  Golden rum 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Egg yolks 6 Large
  Sugar 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Salt 1⁄2 Teaspoon
  Half and half 2 Cup (32 tbs), scalded
  Vanilla 1 Teaspoon
  Egg whites 6 Large
  Cream of tartar 1⁄4 Teaspoon
  Salt 1⁄4 Teaspoon
  Superfine sugar 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Sugar 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Light corn syrup 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)

Simmer pineapple and its juice 3 minutes in small saucepan over medium-low heat.
Drain thoroughly and cool.
Stir in rum.
Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight.
For custard: Combine yolks, sugar and salt in 3-quart saucepan and whisk quickly until silky consistency (when whisk is lifted about 2 inches from surface, mixture should form short breaking stream, not a ribbon).
Do not overheat.
Slowly whisk in hot half and half.
Place over medium heat and stir constantly with wooden spoon until mixture coats spoon. (Run finger across cream on back of spoon; it should not run together.
Candy thermometer should register between 165°F and 180°F.) Transfer to mixing bowl and stir in vanilla.
Place bowl in pan of ice and beat custard until cool.
Cover and refrigerate until ready to use, stirring occasionally to prevent skin from forming.
For meringue: Beat egg whites until foamy.
Add cream of tartar and salt and continue beating until soft peaks form.
Gradually add sugar 1 tablespoon at a time, beating until stiff peaks form.
Heat 2 inches water in 12-inch nonaluminum skillet (aluminum will turn meringues gray).
Bring water to boil, then reduce heat until water is gently simmering (170°F).
Using ice cream scoop, add 4 mounds of meringue to skillet, rounding tops with your finger, and poach 1 1/2 to 2 minutes per side.
Remove with slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.
Repeat with remaining egg whites.
Cool completely.
About 4 hours before serving, combine custard and chilled pineapple-rum mixture.
Pour into clear or tinted round or oval serving dish.
Arrange meringues on top of custard.
For caramel: Combine sugar and corn syrup in small saucepan and cook over medium heat until caramel colored. (If sugar crystals form on side of pan, cover and boil rapidly 2 minutes; steam will wash crystals down sides of pan.) Do not stir; gently swirl ingredients in pan to mix.
Syrup should be a rich caramel color.
Remove from heat just before desired color is reached, as syrup will continue to darken and thicken as it cools.
Cool several minutes until thickened.
Dip fork into mixture and drizzle thin threads slowly over meringues.

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Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 3007 Calories from Fat 708

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 80 g123.1%

Saturated Fat 43.2 g216.2%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 1289.6 mg429.9%

Sodium 2038.4 mg84.9%

Total Carbohydrates 511 g170.2%

Dietary Fiber 0 g0.01%

Sugars 444.2 g

Protein 48 g95.1%

Vitamin A 60.2% Vitamin C 75.8%

Calcium 65.3% Iron 17.3%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Pineapple Snow Eggs Recipe