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Éclair is a thin and long pastry made up with the help of choux dough, which is filled with cream. The topping of éclair is created with chocolate icing. In short, éclair is a cake of finger shape, packed with cream and coated with chocolate.

The dough that is used in making éclairs is placed in a pipe of oblong shape along with pastry bag. The dough is baked unless and until it becomes crispy and is hollow from inside. After that the pastry is allowed to cool down. Once the pastry is completely cool, it is filled with chocolate or coffee flavored pastry cream, whipping cream or custard cream. The prepared éclair is topped with icing in the end.

Apart from the fillings that have been listed above, éclairs recipe may also include fruit flavored fillings, pistachio and rum flavored custard or chestnut-purée as the filling ingredients.

Origin of Éclair Recipe
Éclair has its origin in France during nineteenth century. Éclair is one of the famous types of cake which is served throughout the world. Éclairs recipe was initially invented by Antonin Carême, who was a well-known French chef.

Long John Recipe- Alternative Éclair Recipe
In the United States, long johns are sold under the name of éclairs; though both the dishes are entirely different from each other. Long john recipe makes use of donut pastry to prepare the dish. The filling is made up of vanilla pudding. This is a very simple recipe and is made in an easy manner. Also, it is quite inexpensive as compared to its alternative éclairs recipe.

Éclair Recipe – Preparation
Éclair recipe is divided into three steps. Éclair dough, chocolate icing, and chocolate cream filling are the things that are required to be prepared for preparing éclairs. The method of preparation of each one is described below.

Éclair Dough Recipe
The ingredients required for preparing the dough of éclairs include milk, water, butter, flour, salt, granulated sugar and eggs.

A large pot is taken and water, butter, sugar, milk and salt are added in it. The mix is brought to boiling temperature until the butter is melted properly. After that, flour is added to the mix in a slow process, making sure to stir the mix continuously as flour is poured. The mixture is stirred continuously till the dough dries up. Thereafter, eggs are added to the mixture, stirring vigorously. A baking sac is taken and filled with batter. Finger sized éclair dough is squeezed out on the butter coated baking sheet and cooked in preheated oven. After that the prepared dough is taken out of the oven and allowed to cool.

Éclairs Chocolate Cream Filling
The ingredients required for preparing Chocolate Cream Filling, a part of éclairs recipe, include baking chocolate (unsweetened), milk, egg yolks, flour and granulated sugar.

Chopped chocolate and milk are placed in a pot and boiled lightly. Sugar, egg yolks, flour, milk and chocolate are mixed together properly in a bowl, while stirring constantly. All the ingredients from the bowl are added to the pot of milk and chocolate, and the pot is put on flame. The mixture is brought to boil, while stirring the mixture well, until the cream becomes thick and smooth. After the cream gets cool, it is filled with the prepared éclair. A slit is created with a knife lengthwise and stuffed with cream with the help of small spoon.

Éclairs Chocolate Icing
The ingredients that are needed for making chocolate icing, which is the final stage of éclair recipe, include unsweetened chocolate, water and butter.

Chocolate is melted with water in a small container. Butter is added to the melted chocolate, making sure to whisk properly. A creamy and shiny look should be attained. The container is removed from heat. An extremely thin layer of this prepared chocolate icing is spread on each and every éclair, with the help of spatula. The icing would get hardened and would be set properly on prepared éclairs after a few minutes.

Serving Ideas of Éclairs

  • Éclair can be served in various ways. Also, éclair recipe may differ in terms of size. The size of éclair may vary depending upon the number of people being served.
  • Small sized éclairs are used in case of large dessert platters.
  • Medium ones are made normally. Such éclairs are easily available in most of the bakery shops.
  • Large sized éclair may also be made, though this is very uncommon, for serving them on a dinner table in a beautiful and big plate.