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How to Clean and Cook Scallops?

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Scallops are simple yummy. They make for delicious appetizers or side dishes but the secret lies in buying fresh sea scallops or bay scallops and then cleaning and cooking them the right way! Remember the size of the scallop (which is usually determined by the recipe), is directly proportional to the price. Here are some instructions about how to clean and cook Scallops


Scallop Salad



How to Clean Scallops?


Once you have got scallops, clean them within the first two days or refrigerate them if you are not using them immediately.


Step 1


Gently pry the shell open by inserting your knife in between the shell. Remove and keep one side of the shell aside.


Step 2


Slide the knife under the meat in the shell and start scraping the meat our, taking care not to damage the flesh. For the same reason avoid using sharp knives to shuck the scallops. Usually the meat will slide out with little pressure.


Step 3


Slide it on to a plate and then remove the dark meat while leaving the white flesh intact. Always, always discard the small muscle seen at the edge of the scallop. The muscle is inedible and a perfect means to destroy your scallop dish.


Step 4


Rinse them under cold water and dry them with paper towels.



How to Cook Scallops?


  • There are many types of scallop preparation from Poached Scallops to Grilled Scallops. But irrespective of the method, keep in mind that they cook fast and should never be overcooked as they will get rubbery and chewy.


  • Incase your scallop is frozen, remove them and keep it in the refrigerator for a few hours and make sure that they are thawed completely before cooking them.


  • My favorite is the Pan Fried Scallops! Ensure that the scallops are dried properly before pan frying them. It doesn’t take more that 30 seconds to 1 minute to sear scallops. They are cooked when they are translucent


  • If you want fried scallops ensure that the pan is well heated before adding the oil and the scallops.


  • When poaching scallops, boil your poaching liquid (10 min) which can either be stock or wine. Remove the poaching liquid from the flame and add the scallops. Allow the scallop to be poached for a maximum of 3-4 min and then remove the scallops.


  • When you are grilling Scallops, butter the scallops so that they remain moist. To prevent the scallops from sticking to the grill tray, butter the grill also.

Here are some interesting Scallop recipes for that you can enjoy.


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How To Clean And Cook Scallops?