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Super Green Food Extravaganza

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See Raw Food Eater Matt Monarch of, Angela Stokes of, in this spectacular 'The Raw Food World' episode. Matt Monarch enjoys green food powders straight from the spoon. There is an exciting green food and enzyme mixture that provided interesting results. Enjoy another 'The Raw Food World' episode.
If Matt doesn't get green juice two times a day, he loves to have spirulina. It tastes amazing.
Another green food is Protein Clover Sprouts. It tastes delicious. It tingles in his mouth.
The last super green food is prepared with a green food, therapeutic enzyme and half & half. Try it yourself, you will simply love it.

Also Known as: 
Super Green Food Extravaganza With Enzymes
The protagonist is seen enjoying green food powders, and scooping up some great green concoction. Spirulina, protein clover sprouts, all tasted by him, provides sense of well being inside him, and this is also described by him to boost the energy bubbles.

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Spirulina is a very healthy to eat fungus! It serves you a lot of protein essential for your body! If you get a chance to choose between spirulina and juice, always go with the first one.
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I've heard of greens preparations like this before but people developed some complications like diarrhea etc. with them. I think this Super Green Food is different. What are the adaptive symptoms that you can expect before you get used to these products?
Super Green Food Extravaganza Video, Super Green Food Extravaganza With Enzymes