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Having Raw Foods While Travelling

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These are the top 10 raw foods that we eat on the road in the RV... and you might be surprised at what some of them are.
1. Chia Suet: It is the best road food. It is very easy to prepare. Chia Suet does not have any taste, so you can mix it with anything of your choice. It's a good source of omega 3-fatty acids.
2. Lucuma powder: It's dry fruit powder. You can mix it with chia.
3. Vanilla powder
4. Stevia powder. Green color is more preferable.
5. Coconut keyfers. It's a flavored pine. It's costly as well.
6. Lemons. It can be used in salad dressings.
7. Watermelons
8. Fresh fruits
9. Raw honey
10. Raw plain sauerkraut

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Raw Foods While Travelling
In this video, Kevin Gianni is telling you about top 10 raw foods which you can eat on the road in the RV. They are chia suet, lucuma powder, vanilla powder, stevia powder, coconut keyfers, lemons, watermelons, fresh fruits, raw honey, raw plain sauerkraut.

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Having Raw Foods While Travelling Video, Raw Foods While Travelling