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Tips to Unwrap Onigiri

This is an onigiri or rice ball.
If you want to eat onigiri, you should make it yourself. It’s not hard.
And the ones at the convenience stores are full of chemicals and don’t taste that good.
But... If you’re in a hurry, you can be forgiven for buying the odd convenience store onigiri.
To make today’s show I went to some convenience stores near my house and I bought some onigiri.
From Mini Stop I bought sekihan, takana, and shiso miso.
And from Family Mart I bought konbu and kishu ume.
They cost 105 yen each.
The most complicated thing about eating convenience store onigiri, is opening the packet.
Please read the instructions carefully.
Triangle-shaped onigiri are opened in three steps.
Find the number 1 written on the packet.
Grip the plastic between your thumb and forefinger.
Pull down, up and around.
Next find the number 2.
Find number 3.
Round onigiri are less complicated to open.
Just find the tag at the top.
Pull down.
And as for this triangle-in-bag style ... just rip the bag open.
Take a bite.

Also Known as: 
How To Eat Conbini Onigiri
Onigiri eating trends are shown in this video. It is a kind of rice ball, which should normally be made at home. The commercialized products are not so flavorful, and are unhealthy.

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Tips To Unwrap Onigiri Video, How To Eat Conbini Onigiri