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How To Eat Blue Crabs

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Take the crab in one (be careful of the hard prickles on the shell). Carefully pull the legs out right at the join closet to the body. Some good meat will come out. Don’t be shy to pull the meat through your teeth and suck out the juice.
Break apart the legs at each joint. Sometimes the meat will come right out. Other times you need to use crab crackers or nut crackers to open up the segments.
Using a sharp knife carefully cut the compartment in half. Then, make a cut lengthwise on each compartment to reveal the sweet, savory white meat. Pull out the lump crab meat and work your way through the other smaller membranes.

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How To Eat Blue Crabs
Seafood is a healthy food and an alternative to red meat. Seafood provides protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful in building lean muscle tissue. Picking meat from seafood is a very tricky task. In this video, Cajun Cooking TV is showing you how to pick meat from blue crabs and how to eat them.

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How To Eat Blue Crabs Video, How To Eat Blue Crabs