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Overeating - a psychological problem not appetite issue

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Most of us have over eaten a food of liking sometime or the other, but for some overeating is an addiction. What we like and how often we eat it is a direct consequence of our food psychology. Obesity, which is fast emerging as a hurdle to the sound physical and mental health of the global population, is greatly influenced by the habit of overeating. Therefore, one needs to first understand the causes behind the behavior. The fundamental question that one needs to first find an answer to is what makes one overeat – is the person who overeats totally responsible for the behavior, or is his environment equally responsible for encouraging the behavior in him? To put it simply, if I am binging on five standard-sized packets of my favorite potato chips per day, are my poor taste buds solely responsible for the act ,or is the marketing magic of the manufacturer equally responsible for this behavior?


As per award winning research findings of Brian Wansink, John Dyson professor of consumer behavior at Cornell University and Director of its Food and Bran Lab major aspects of food presentation and consumer consumption patterns have been revealed. They are:

All the aspects of consumer consumption patterns and overeating have been discussed satisfactorily from the food psychology perspective that I would like to present subsequently.

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Overeating - A Psychological Problem Not Appetite Issue