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Tips to Shuck Oysters

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The definitive "How to" video on opening oysters, featuring Mac's brand oysters from British Columbia, Canada. In this video you will learn how to shuck oysters to serve at home.

Oyster lover Veronica Jensen, California based model and actor featured on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine and MC on Playboy Channel, wants to throw an oyster party. She learns how to buy, store and open oysters like a pro. The aphrodisiac qualities of oysters are also discussed.

Learn simple and helpful tips on how to preserve the oysters while they rest in the fridge and how to crack open an oyster without having to hurt yourself. Watching this video will teach you that just by twisting the knife inside the shell, you could have it open. You will never have trouble with oysters ever again.

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Tips To Shuck Oysters Video