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Power Snacks: Almonds & Walnuts Over Peanuts

In today's Motivational Monday, I reintroduce a healthy snacking favorite of mine that people sometimes grow to avoid because of their high caloric value: nuts! Specifically I talk about almonds and walnuts - two delicious varieties that pack a mean nutritional punch while at the same time, satisfying hunger cravings and providing sustained energy. I recommend avoiding peanuts which have far less of the nutritional values I describe below and are also a common allergen.

Although almonds are indeed high in fat, the fats they contain are monounsaturated, which is the beneficial type. Monounsaturated fats are great for lowering total cholesterol and raising good cholesterol. All good news for your heart and cardiovascular system. Eating almonds regularly, and in moderation, can actually lower your risk of heart disease. Almonds also contain a phytonutrient called Laetrile, which can help prevent cancer.

All nuts are rich in fat, but the ones coming from nuts like almond and walnut are truly beneficial. Watch the video to know from Barbara Mendez about how almonds and walnuts are better fats for our body to keep risks such as heart disease and cancer at bay, when compared to the fat coming from peanuts.

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Power Snacks: Almonds & Walnuts Over Peanuts Video