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Holly Mosier's Tips on Healthy and Stress Reducing Recipes

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Holly on Good Morning Arizona talking about tasty easy healthy recipes.

This video documents the yoga guru, trial lawyer, 51 year old mom and author of "Stress Less, Weigh Less" Holly Mosier give away some pearls of wisdom when it comes to healthy eating and a stress free life. Holly who has been through a dark phase of stress, depression and weight gain and emerged a winner talks how extreme diets and deprivation do not work in the long term.A balanced approach to eating is extremely important and Holly came with a bagful of recipes which help you do exactly that. Baked apples, ricotta sundaes with raisins and nuts, oven broiled French fries and a compelling and convenient recipe of pita pizza tacos are up for grabs here.

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Holly Mosier's Tips On Healthy And Stress Reducing Recipes Video