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5 Ways to Eat and Save the Earth

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Seasonal FoodWe all eat. And since you are reading this on I would imagine that you care about what you eat too! It is easy to forget, however, where the food we eat every day comes from. This is the time to change this! Here are some easy tips on how we can reconnect with the Earth while eating delicious food…


  1. Eat seasonally

Eating seasonally is one of the simplest ways to connect to our planet. We all miss summer fruit, such as berries, in the wintertime, but this is the natural turn of events We live a society that expects immediate rewards, and we are guilty of acting like spoilt children at times wanting everything “right now”, so let’s not fall into that trap anymore. It feels so much better to with the natural flow of the Earth’s rhythms instead! If you really can’t wait for those summer fruits anymore, then buy them frozen rather than the stuff that’s been imported from across the globe (more on that in a moment), as it has more nutrients and is better for the planet. But on the whole I advise you to always be aware of the seasons and of what is happening in nature because both you, and the planet, will reap the rewards. There’s a happiness to be found in being in tune with the Earth.


  1. Eat locally


No one feels that great after a 24-hour flight, so you can’t expect food that’s flown in from far away to either taste good or have all it’s nutrients intact. And then there’s the unnecessary air miles to think about… By eating locally you are not only supporting your local businesses but also helping our planet by not wasting those precious air miles to fly food in from the other side of the globe. Let’s be realistic - we are probably not going to stop flying ourselves, yet we can do our bit for the planet, by not creating a demand for food that is flown from far away. Get to know your local farmer’s market and start buy your fruit and vegetables there for a start, you might even start enjoying the experience, when seeing where they food to eat comes from and getting to know the people who grow it! Even if you don’t have the time to do this, seek out locally produced food in your supermarket, there more people do this, the more likely it is that the supermarkets will get the message, and stock more of that and less of the airmile-heavy stuff. Of course, things like bananas aren’t grown locally in the UK, and I don’t expect you to miss out, which leads me neatly to my next point…


  1. Eat fairly


Buy fair trade products where they exist, because by doing so you are making the world a better and fairer place, without spending any more of your own money. Products to take special notice of this are tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar and bananas. As our civilisation works in a way that is generally unfair, with people in the western world having too much food and people in the third world too little food, it is only right that we, as consumers, do our bit to make it a fairer place, so be conscious of the way your food is produced. When you buy fair trade, you are buying a good working environment for the workers in poorer countries as well as their families. The Earth provides us with everything we need, but it is unevenly distributed throughout the world – I am not asking you to change the world order, but you can make it a better place to live for those less fortune that yourself with this one simple step.


  1. Eat good quality meat


 We are all buying free range eggs now (I’d hope), but it is just as important to buy good quality meat, to support the farms which give their stock happy, healthy lives. Many would argue that this is expensive, yet my response is that you can always eat less of it and spend the allocated budget on the good stuff. Choose quality over quantity. In days past meat used to be eaten about once a week and it is healthier and better for the planet to return to this state of affairs rather than eating bad quality, battery-farm produced meat every day of the week. Why not try one day on, one day off to start? This will make you more creative with your vegetables and have a great impact on the environment without too much effort. In Italy, vegetables are often seen as the main event during a meal, so check out some new Italian meat-free recipes online. There are many great vegetarian dishes that hail from India also, as much as that country does not eat meat, so why not try something new and meat-free a few times a week? Then when you buy great quality meat, it will taste so much better for it, and your body will thank you for it!


  1. Eat and feed the Earth


Having a compost maker in the garden is a brilliant way of feeding the Earth, and of course, your plants. So when you are finished with your food, put it in a separate, organic bin, which you regularly empty out into the one outside (or you could just dig a hole if you have the space for it). If you live in an apartment block then this is a little more difficult. The local government (Councils in the UK) should provide these kinds of bins, so if they don’t  - ask them! They are there to serve you, even if sometimes it may not seem this way. The more people ask, the more likely it is that change will come about as a result. It is only right that what we take from Earth should go back to it.


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5 Ways To Eat And Save The Earth