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Top 5 Energizing Food for Women

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Healthy womenWith  multiple roles that women need to play today, they surely need to know about the top 5 energizing foods that should be a part of their diet. These are high in calories and provide additional vitamins and minerals that improve health and can help them to face a busy day at home or work. A well planned diet for women should also be rich in vital nutrients like iron and calcium that have many key functions. Lets explore to know more about the 5 must eat foods for women.


1. Nuts


Not only do they make for a perfect evening snack, they are also packed with super healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that lower levels of bad cholesterol in women. The protein content too is high which is important for repair and growth of body cells. A handful of mixed nuts like almond, pistachios and walnuts give plenty of energy and are filling too. Choose raw unsalted nuts as they offer the most amount of benefits.


2. Tubers

Sweet potato

Potato and sweet potato fall under this group and are a quick source of glucose. Unlike the popular belief that tubers will shoot blood sugar levels and are unhealthy, they actually contain complex carbohydrates that stabilize sugars while providing a woman with much needed energy. The healthiest way to eat them is by steam cooking which retains all nutrients. Eat potatoes with the skin on for additional fiber boost.


3. Milk


A glass of milk is the best calcium rich beverage that women can ask for. It also gives energy in the form of lactose sugar that is naturally present in milk. 100 ml of milk provides about 60 k cal of energy and an impressive 3 g protein. The calcium content helps maintain bone density that  prevents weakening and subsequent osteoporosis. 2 glasses of low fat milk a day is recommended.


4. Fruits

Fresh fruits

Fruits are rich in natural sugars called fructose and are ready to eat snacks that are easily available. They are best consumed whole along with the skin wherever possible. Eating fruits in between meals is a great way to kill hunger and reduce cravings for unhealthy and fatty foods. Watermelon is one example of a fruit that is rich in iron and very low in calories. 2 servings of fruits everyday for women offer a host of benefits such as good immunity and high vitamin and mineral stores.


5. Whole grains

Whole bread

A Harvard based study showed that women who ate 2 or more servings of whole grains a day had a 30 percent reduced risk of heart diseases than those that didn't. The phytoestrogen, fiber and minerals like manganese, silicon, magnesium and copper present in whole grains are responsible. Considering that cereals are the primary sources of energy in a woman’s diet, their consumption should definitely encouraged.


The above discussed foods not only provide energy, they are also an indispensable part of the healthy eating food pyramid that is recommended by health experts worldwide.  


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Top 5 Energizing Food For Women