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The Shocking Truth About Movie Theater Snacks

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The holiday seasons are a busy time for movie theaters. And for many, no movie-watching experience is complete without those sugary, greasy movie theater snacks. But take a look at this infographic, which will show you just how unhealthy (and expensive!) these treats are. It might surprise you.

Movie Theaters' The Shocking Truth About Movie Theater Snacks Infographic

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This is a well known information....I thought something new....How could you tag it as shocking....Why dont U go and do something good instead of cheating people like this....I hope U did understand my point....Thanks
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Can't say I'm not shocked by this but it's a perfect interpretation of how our movie theaters are not helping the obesity epidemic in our country. I recently went to the movies with my daughter and got popcorn and a large Coke. I'm not sure the ounces on that Coke, but I joked that it comes with a Diabetes test kit as it was HUGE! Great article and eye opening.
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As if we don't pay enough enormous, outragious money to the actors who star in the movies we flock to see! It's all so insane....our appetites are out of control for so many "things".....
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I bring my own hidden popcorn to the theaters....once a smart aleck ticket taker wanted to "search my pocketbook and frisk me"...when I threatened to sue, they let me in, popcorn, soda and all. It's one thing to pay outrageous prices for the tickets alone, but to gouge people for the food is just so unfair! If they would offer healthy snacks at reasonable prices, that would be a win-win for the theater and patrons. And I believe they would make up the profits on volume.
The Shocking Truth About Movie Theater Snacks