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Popular Sauces for Hot Pot

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Delicious sesame dipping sauceTraditional and authentic sauces for hot pot dishes are prepared using mushroom dumplings, cooked slices of meat and seafood in their blended form. Some tasty sauces that gel well with the traditional coal heated steamboat dishes are given below.


Sesame Dipping Sauce:

Delicious hot pot dipping that can be prepared with ingredients easily available at home. The best sauce for hot pot consists of sesame seed, soy sauce, rice vinegar, peanut butter, ginger, sugar and hot red pepper flakes. You can serve this sauce to your guests along with fried noodles or barbequed meat.


Garlic Dipping Sauce:

Perfect blend of soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice and sugar gives the sauce a beautiful color along with a tangy sweet taste. You can serve this flavorful sauce as compliment with the blandly cooked hot pot meat dish.


Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce:Honey mustard dipping sauce

A combination of honey, sugar, cider vinegar, lemon juice and dry mustard gives this hot pot dipping a fantastic flavor. You can serve the dipping with dumplings and seafood. You can surprise your guests and family by preparing the sauce in minutes.


Sha Cha Sauce:

Special Taiwanese style barbecued sauce consisting of dried fish, peanut butter, garlic and coconut milk. This sauce can be easily prepared at home and preserved for a longer period of time which helps you in serving along with any hot pot dish.


Lee Kum Kee Satay Sauce:

You can serve this peanut flavored sauce along with western style hot pot palate. The sauce is very easy to prepare and you can enjoy the fun of entertaining both family and your guest with this delicious sauce. Soybean oil, sugar, shallots, coconut powder, peanut paste, dried shrimp, garlic powder, sesame seed and chili pepper are some of the main ingredients used in the sauce.


Hot Pot Dipping Sauce:

Hot pot dipping sauce prepared from sesame oilSpicy sauce prepared from sesame oil, garlic, peanut oil and roasted Sichuan peppercorn. This authentic hot pot sauce can be served with any dish that tastes bland.

Hope the above sauces for hot pot will help you in entertaining guests who surprise you with their visit!!


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Popular Sauces For Hot Pot