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FrittataWhen we think of Ancient Roman food, we normally get the images of huge banquets in our mind. But there is lot more to Roman food than exotic dishes served by slaves at orgies. Here you will find a list of Ancient Roman food for kids which are simple and easy to make at home.


Ancient Roman food for kids:






Frittata is a very popular Ancient Roman dish similar to that of omelette. The dish mainly consists of meat, cheese, and vegetables. You can flavor the dish with chopped herbs. It is a great meal for breakfast, lunch or even breakfast.



Baked Dormice:



Baked dormice is a very rich Ancient Roman dish which can be served on any occasion. It consists of minced pork or any other meat along with herbs, pepper and pine nuts.



Salmon and veggie pockets:



Salmon and veggie pocket is simple, nutritious and delicious dish to make. If your kids like salmon, then this is the best dish to make. It is also the best way to nourish your kids with proteins and lot of green veggies.


Egg drop soup


Egg drop soup:



Egg drop soup is a quick and easy dish to make during cold wintry days. It is a traditional ancient Roman soup made with beaten eggs in boiled chicken broth. If your kid finds the taste of soup bland, you can add black pepper or white pepper. For more enriched taste, scallions and tofu can also be added.






Libum is an ancient Roman version of cheesecake. It is believed to be a sacrificial cake offered to household spirits during Rome’s early history. The combination of cheese and honey gives an amazing taste. Try this wonderful dessert for your kids and other family members.


These are some of the best Ancient Roman food for kids. which can be prepared right in your own kitchen. These dishes will definitely add spice to your dining table.


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Ancient Roman Food For Kids