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Whenever we think of Japanese food, the very first dish which comes to our mind is sushi. But there is more to this Asian cuisine, and the varieties of Japanese food for kids available is the right testimony. Japanese cuisine offers plenty of mouth-watering dishes and regional specialties. Some of the most popular dishes for kids from this region are listed below.


Japanese Food for Kids






Donburi is a very tasty Japanese dish which consists of a bowl of rice with variety of toppings like beef, chicken, egg or deep-fried shrimp. You can serve the dish with miso soup and pickles.



Kare Raisu:



 Kare Raisu is a popular Japanese lunchtime curry which consists of rice and pickled vegetables. You can include variety of ingredients for the curry such as meat, onions, carrots or celery. The dish can be enjoyed with additional toppings such as tonkatsu.






Ohagi is a scrumptious Japanese sweet which can be liked by your kids. It is basically rice, covered with beans and sugar. This rice cake is little time consuming. The cakes are quite lumpy and homely but tastes great.






Tempura is a classic Japanese dish consists of seafood or vegetables which have been battered and deep fried. It is a simple but delicious dish. You can serve the dish with a side bowl of rice and soup or on a bowl of rice or noodles.



Japanese sushi


Sushi is a very famous Japanese food which is primarily made of vinegar seasoned rice. When making sushi for the kids, you can use seaweed and vegetables which are great for kids. Making sushi at home is a great way to entertain your kids and get them to eat healthily.






Yakitori is a Japanese appetizer which consists of skewered and grilled chicken. You can make yakitori tastier by adding taro sauce. Apply the sauce to the skewered chicken and allow it to grill until delicately cooked.


These are just some of the popular Japanese food for kids which can be prepared easily. So why not try them and make your kid happy.


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Japanese Food For Kids