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GazpachoLooking for delicious Spanish food for kids?


Spain has a number of different food cultures depending on location, climate, and history. Spain is almost totally surrounded by water and as such Spanish foods are heavily influenced by seafood. 


You can find a variety of Spanish dishes for your kids. Take a look at some of the best Spanish foods.



Spanish food for kids





Gazpacho is an excellent kid friendly cold tomato-based Spanish soup which is very popular in warmer areas and during the summer. The dish is so simple to make that you can even include your kids in the cooking process.



Spanish flan:


Desserts always remain the kid’s favourite. One of the tastiest desserts which you can make is none other than the Spanish flan. Spanish flan is usually made with condensed and evaporated milk and baked in a pie dish. You can top the flan with caramel sauce. The dish is light, delicious and timeless.



Jamon iberico:


If your kids love ham, then jamon iberico is the perfect dish to try. The dish is made from black iberico pigs which are native to Spain. It is a naturally Spanish food.



Bacalao con tomate (cod fish with tomato sauce):


Does your kid like fish? This is the very easy dish which can become your kid’s favourite. The sweet flavor of the tomato sauce combines well with salty flavor of the cod and gives an authentic Spanish taste. You can use garlic and red pepper for seasoning the dish. The dish can be accompanied with fried potatoes.


Arroz cubano

Arroz cubano( Cuban rice):


Cuban rice is a very popular main course meal. There are plenty of ways to make this dish. For example, you can prepare the rice with garlic or little bit of tomatoes and onion. You can also prepare simply as white rice. No matter how you are preparing, the dish gets prepared in a very less time.




Churros is another tasty dessert which is also referred as Spanish doughnut. It is a simple fried pastry which looks like a big “French Fry”.  You can give variety of shapes to your home made churros. For instance, it can be made as long thin strips or in the shape of a ring or hollow ball.


Thus the above mentioned Spanish foods for kids are really good that it can improve your kid’s appetite as well. Introducing Spanish food to your kids can also help them develop healthy eating habits which can last for a lifetime.



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Spanish Food For Kids