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Tomato salsaMexican food for kids is exciting and fun to make. From tacos to burritos, kids are familiar with all the Mexican dishes.


Mexican dishes are well known for their varied flavors, colourful decoration, and variety of ingredients used in the recipes. The dishes described in this blog are alive with flavor. What's more! They are very easy to make and a complete treat to the taste buds.


Mexican food for kids:



Mild tomato salsa:



Tomato salsa is a classic Mexican dish usually prepared with wheat and corn flour and eaten with crisp crackers. It is the perfect dish for dipping tortilla chips into and can also be served as a salad with other Mexican dish. Usually this dish is very spicy in taste but you can make it mild as per your kid’s preference.






There would not be a better snack than cheese quesadillas for your kids. Quesadillas are not only simple to make but packs enough nutritional punch as well. Quesadillas are toasted tortilla with melted cheese inside. Instead of cheese, you can put anything such as mushrooms, tomatoes, olives or onions.






Tacos are the traditional Mexican dish made of a corn or wheat tortilla folded around a filling. You can fill the tacos with any of your kid’s favourite ingredients such as chicken, vegetables, cheese or seafood. Once the tacos are ready to serve, do not forget to garnish with avocado, onions, and lettuce.







Guacamole is a very famous Mexican dip prepared by mashing ripe avocado. You can use jalapeno, onion, and lime juice for the seasoning. Always make this dish with ripe avocado; otherwise it will not taste good.






Flan is a great sweet item which can be served at the end of any meal. The smooth creamy caramel sauce over the delicious custard would be a real treat for your kids. You can make flan in a variety of flavors such as mango, strawberry etc.


These are some of the best Mexican foods for kids which you can prepare right in your own kitchen. These dishes will definitely add spice to your table.


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Mexican Food For Kids