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Macaroni with ricotta cheeseWhenever it comes to Roman cuisines, you will always be faced by great assortment of options. There are varieties of Roman food for kids which can be made without much hassle.


The food of Rome is world-renowned for its highly skilled preparation methods and unique presentation. Each and every ingredient of Roman dishes is carefully selected to keep in harmony with its own individual flavor.


List of Roman food for kids:


Here are some famous roman dishes for kids…discover these tasteful Roman dishes.


Macaroni with ricotta cheese:



Macaroni with ricotta cheese is a great “kid’s food.” Almost everyone likes it. You can use the low-fat macaroni and cheese while making this dish. Once the macaroni is cooked, you can crumble the ricotta cheese into the sauce and pour over the macaroni. Season the dish with pepper. It can be the best lunch for your kids which can be enjoyed with some garlic bread or garlic toast.



Potato Gnocchi:



Potato Gnocchi is one of the classic dishes of Roman cuisine. The basic trick for making this dish is to use older potatoes, and to bake them, not boil or steam them, so that they get pretty dried out. It will also help to put them through a potato ricer for a smoother consistency. You can serve the dish with any good pasta sauce.



Fettuccine Romane:



Fettuccine is a typical Roman dish often served with a rice or flavorful sauce. The dish consists of a flat thick noodle made with egg and flour. Try this dish and impress your kids with your art of cooking.


Fettuccine: typical roman dish

Roman Maritozzi:



The Roman maritozzi is a wonderful Roman dessert usually prepared with yeast dough and filled with whipped cream. You can do little variation while making maritozzi. Instead of using cream, you can use the vanilla ice cream for a taste at your kid’s leisure…a real treat.



Roman artichokes:



Rome is quite popular for the quality of artichokes produced in its countryside. Artichokes are delicious on their own or can be mixed in with other vegetables, seafood or meats. The typical Roman style artichokes are slowly cooked in a pan with olive oil until they become soft and tender.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the above listed Roman food for kids this weekend itself.


Happy cooking!!


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Roman Food For Kids