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Tips To Clean Leek

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How to clean leekLeeks can be a store house of dirt and  grim. Learning how to clean leeks properly is very important for making them safe to eat. Leek base is piled with soil during growth for propagating thin, long stems. This leads to soil and dirt getting in between the leaves too. Hence, thorough cleaning of leeks is necessary and this can be done by following the steps given below...










Things Required for Cleaning Leek

  1. Cutting board
  2. Bowl
  3. Paper towels


Ways to Clean Leek


There are several ways to clean leeks. The cleaning methos to be used will depend upon demands of the recipe.


Clean Leek Prior to Chopping                                                                                     

Cleaning leek under water

If you are planning to cut and chop the leek,

  1. Trim the root end.
  2. Discard the outer leaves.
  3. Slice the leek at the center.
  4. Rinse under running water.
  5. This would get rid of all sand and dirt located between the leaves.
  6. Dry on paper towels.


Cleaning Leek for Cooking as Whole

Clean leek leaves











    1. Slice leek from both ends leaving a part in the middle of the stem.
    2. Rinse under cool running water, gently separating leaves as you do so.


    Cleaning Leek for Slices                                                                                                

    Cleaning of leek slices

    1. Slice leek into 2-inch lengths.
    2. Soak in a bowl of water.
    3. Rinse them well and drain water.
    4. Repeat rinsing and draining until leek is clean.
    5. Dry on paper towels.


    These were some of the easy to follow methos for cleaning leeks. Use the appropriate technique prior to cooking leeks.


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    Tips To Clean Leek