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How To Clean Coconut

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How to clean coconut

If the tough to yeild coconut has intimidated you for long, then definitely, the tips given on how to clean coconut, in this post, will prove useful for you. Cleaning coconut need not be as painstaking as made out to be. Let us see how to simplify cleaning a coconut.





Tools Required for Cleaning Coconut                      


Cleaning coconut

  1. Cleaver
  2. Sharp knife
  3. Small dish






Steps to Clean Coconut

  1. Clean the strands of husk present on the outside of a coconut.       
  2. Cleaned coconutYou will be able to see the three eyes of the coconut now.
  3. Locate the soft one and clean the area around.
  4. Using the point of the knife, dig in and open the eye.
  5. Drain coconut water into a small dish.
  6. Using a cleaver, break open the coconut shell right at the center.
  7. Rinse the insides of the coconut and the edges under running water.
  8. The white meat of coconut is now clean.
  9. The white meat can be grated or cut out of the shell using a knife.


Tips to Clean Coconut

  • Take care of your fingers while cutting coconut.
  • Clean the edges off the dust that might have got in while cutting coconut open.


Hope that the tips outlined makes cleaning coconut much easier for you. 


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How To Clean Coconut