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How To Clean Scallops

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Scallops are among the easiest to clean of all seafood. However, if you are not sure about how to clean scallops then the steps outlined below will help you with the task. So, read on to learn more about cleaning scallops...








Tools Required for Cleaning Scallops

  1. Sharp spoon or knife
  2. Scallop knife

Steps to Clean Scallops

How to clean scallops


Insert knife between the shells and separate the muscle that attaches scallop to its shell. Pry open the scallop and discard the top shell.


Cleaning scallops with a spoon





Gently, scrape the innards with a scallop knife and discard it. Now using the knife, scrape off scallop from the shell.

Cleaned scallops








Wash scallop in fresh water taken in a bowl. Repeat cleaning scallops until water used for cleaning is clear. Scallops are now ready to be cooked.


Tips to Clean Scallops

  • Discard the waste parts carefully and immediately.
  • Clean area of work.


So, you see, cleaning scallops are not very difficult. Enjoy cooking scallops after cleaning them as given in the tips above.


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How To Clean Scallops