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How To Clean Vegetable

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How to clean vegetable

Vegetables - home grown or from the market, have chemicals, pesticides, and dirt smeared all over the surface and must be properly cleaned prior to being eaten, cut, or cooked. Read on to learn how to clean vegetable before consuming them or using them in your recipes. 





Things Required for Cleaning Vegetables  

Clean vegetables in fresh water                                                 

  1. Colander
  2. Fresh water
  3. Kitchen towels
  4. Vegetable brush





Steps to Clean Vegetables

  1. Cleaning vegetables wellPlace the vegetables in a colander and hold the colander in the kitchen sink.
  2. Run tap water over the vegetables and gently scrub them with a soft brush.
  3. Rinse under running water. Make sure that there is no dirt stuck to surface.
  4. Pat dry the vegetables with kitchen towels.





Cleaning vegetables easy and hardly takes anytime. It is an essential step to prevent contaminants and other disease causing organisms from entering your dinner plate. 


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How To Clean Vegetable