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How To Clean Corn

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How to clean corn

Learn how to clean corn easily to be able to eat the golden kernels without much of a fuss. Corn needs to be husked and this might seem to be a difficult task since to get to the kernels you need to get rid of lots of green husks as well as silk. Well, let’s get started.







Things Required for Cleaning Corn

  1. Knife (optional)
  2. Bin to dispose of husk and silkCleaning corn or shucking
  3. Bowl to store cleaned corn


Steps to Clean Corn without Mess    


  1. Hold the corn around the middle of the cob.
  2. Snap the top off or cut the top end of the corn ear with a knife.
  3. Begin stripping off the green husks along with the brown silks from the top of the corn ear.
  4. Cleaned corn Pull the husk off along with as much as silk as possible.
  5. Hold each cleaned corn in your hand and rinse thoroughly under running water. A sink sprayer would be ideal since the pressure of the water would remove any leftover silk.
  6. Corn is now clean and ready to be used.



Cleaning corn can be done in a jiffy, but if there are plenty, the pile of husks can seem to be daunting! Do follow the local waste disposal norms when discarding the husks and other waste matter generated from cleaning preocess. 


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How To Clean Corn