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How To Clean Salmon

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How to clean salmon

If you know how to clean salmon correctly, there is no better meat than salmon to savor. Outlined below are steps to clean salmon throughly for a perfect salmon dish.








Things Needed To Clean Salmon

  1. Cutting board.
  2. Sharp knife.
  3. Bin for disposing of waste parts.
  4. Trough of water to wash salmon.


Steps for Cleaning Salmon Thoroughly                                                                        Slice through salmon belly while cleaning salmon.


  1. Place salmon on its side on the cutting board.
  2. Using a sharp knife, slice off the cartilage from chin.
  3. Hold the gills and rip them off.
  4. Insert knife into urethral opening and make a small cut. The urethral opening is located near the reproductive organs of the salmon.
  5. Cut through the small incision to almost the collar.
  6. Put your fingers inside to get hold of the guts.
  7. Clean salmon insides well.Pull the guts out after easing them off with semicircular cuts.
  8. Remove salmon kidneys by scraping them off with a spoon.
  9. Wash the cleaned salmon in water.





Tips to Clean Salmon

  • Use sharp knife.
  • Sanitize the area and sink after cleaning of salmon.
  • Take care not to get hurt.


Cleaning salmon is not very different from cleaning other fishes and hence a little practice can make you an expert.


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How To Clean Salmon