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Vegetarian Sausages Pep Up Sex Life: PETA Tells Formula One Fans

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Vegetarian Sausages and PETA

Vegetarian Sausages seem to be the illusive aphrodisiac, so believe the activists for animal rights who served them to the fans of the racing event, Formula 1 Grand Prix, scheduled to take off this weekend.  The activists, donning car racing garbs were keen to share their views with the hordes of excited fans who had gathered together on Thursday.



What is Wrong with Ordinary Sausages?

The innocent looking vegetarian sausages are sure to pep up your sex life say the activists totally convinced about the power of vegetable protein. Proteins derived from animals come with the added risk of notching up your blood cholesterol levels leading to sluggish flow of blood through the hardened arteries. The result? A less than satisfactory performance in the bedroom, claim the animal lovers.

The sausages that are prepared from vegetable sources, on the other hand are low in cholesterol and do not harm the animals at all. This is in keeping wit the spirit of the Formula 1 racing event as it is likely to get the engines of the people revving.

Ms Melissa Galianos, a spokesperson for the PETA told the AFP about the benefits associated with vegetarian sausages.

Thousands of spectators are expected at the Grand Prix flag off and the PETA couldn’t have chosen a better place to put their point across.


What Are Vegetable Sausages?

The Vegetarian sausages are very similar to the ordinary ones recreated perfectly with soy protein and an assortment of vegetables. Some are shaped identically and you should have no qualms in popping one into your mouth especially when you have the possibility to look forward to a delightful time ahead.


We have to wait and watch how many of the roaring fans may actually be impressed enough to try the newest aphrodisiac in town.  You can, of course, give it a shot meanwhile. A Glamorgan sausage anyone? Or should it continue to be those small innocuous pills that you prefer to take discretely at bedtime?


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Vegetarian Sausages Pep Up Sex Life: PETA Tells Formula One Fans