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Serving Buffet

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serving buffet


Serving buffet in a proper manner is a great art. If you have planned for a buffet party in your house, but are not sure about buffet arrangements or you are looking for some handy tips to learn how to serve in buffet, this article will work as a handy resource for you. Read on ...



Buffet Table Setting 

  • Always keep dishes, glasses, plates, and silverware in excess quantity.
  • Label the dishes properly, especially the seafood and gluten-based foods so that sensitive guests may get prior-alert about these foods.
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes should be named for easier distinction.
  • Beverage, ice, glass, and mineral water should be placed at a different table near to food for handy access.

How To Arrange Foods In A Buffet

  • Arrange food on a three-tier basis. Start with appetizers, soups, and salads. Main dish and side dishes will be in the second-tier followed by desserts in the third-tier. For convenience you can serve dessert separately as well.
  • Keep the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separate. If you are placing all of them on the same table, then clearly mark them for easier identification.
  • If you are expecting a large number of guests, then take care to arrange the table in such a way that the guests can access food from either sides.

Accessories For Self-service

  • Arrange tongs for salad plate so that self-service gets easier. Arrangements for makeshift platforms at one table will create more space on the buffet table.
  • Besides good quality foods, it is important to display foods in proper way. Displaying fruits, flowers, and candles can add to the ambience of buffet party. However aroma candles are to be mostly avoided.

Heating Arrangement For Buffet Foods

  • Arrange heaters/spirit lamps/induction pads for all food containers so that the foods remain warm throughout. Keep napkins and toothpick holders ready near the plates as well as arrange a washing point near the buffet table. Arrange for a bin where the guests can drop their used plates.

There is no fixed protocol for serving buffet party food - the convenience, access, and comfort of the guests should the ultimate aim of the party hosts. So, take care about the serving details for offering a wonderful buffet experience to your guests!

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Serving Buffet