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Tips To Clean Shrimp

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Ready to be cleaned shrimps

If you are scratching your head wondering how to clean shrimp, just read on and allow us to provide an easy solution to your dilemma.



Shrimps have to be taken out of their crustacean shells to be enjoyed. Though most supermarkets provide cleaned and deveined frozen shrimps, they are best bought fresh in their shells. Here are a few steps on removing the shrimps from their shell and cleaning them to make delicious shrimp dishes. 


Cleaned shrimps



Requirements for Cleaning Shrimp

  1. Bowl of cool water.
  2. Paring knife.
  3. A pair of kitchen scissors (optional).
  4. Bin to dispose off shells and veins.




Steps for Cleaning and Deveining Shrimps

  1. Deveined shrimpsHold the shrimp in your hand. Using your dominant hand, sever the head from the body; just tug at the head and it would come off - antennas and all.
  2. Similarly, pull at the legs and remove them.
  3. Gently remove off the outer shell, beginning from the head.
  4. To separate the meat, you will need to apply gentle pressure on the tail and the flesh would be pushed out in your hand. This way you will avoid breaking the body of the shrimp at the tail end.
  5. The tail shell can be retained, if you plan to present shrimps attractively.
  6. Using a paring knife, cut into the back of the shrimp to expose the black colored vein. Remove this vein.
  7. Place the deveined shrimps in cool water and rinse well.



In case you plan to cook the shrimps with the shells on; you can remove just the head and keep the rest of the shell on. To remove the vein, cut through the shell at the back of the shrimp to expose and remove the black vein.



Tips to Clean Shrimp

  • Fresh shrimps can be cleaned and then frozen for later use.
  • Wash shrimps thoroughly to avoid contaminants from sticking on.


Cleaning shrimps are easy if you know the right technique.  Learn how to clean shrimps by watching the video and cook shrimps more often.


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Tips To Clean Shrimp