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How To Clean Egg

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Cleaning of eggsHow many of us know how to clean egg correctly? I am sure most of you might just wash the eggs under water and refrigerate until use. However, this is the last thing you should be doing, since eggs contain an antibacterial coating called bloom that gets lost during the process. Outlined below are two ways to clean eggs to keep contaminants from entering the eggs.




Requirements for Cleaning Eggs

  1. Clean eggs by wiping.Abrasive sponge or loofah (dry cleaning)
  2. Paper towels.
  3. Warm water (wet cleaning).
  4. Bleach solution (wet cleaning).


Dry Cleaning of Eggs                                                                                                  

  1. Take egg in your hand.
  2. Using a loofah, abrasive sponge, or sanding sponge, scrub the surface of egg shell gently to remove any dirt from the surface. 
  3. Ensure that the abrasive that is used has been sanitized.
  4. Place egg in refrigerator.

Dry cleaning of eggs keeps the bloom intact.  This method of cleaning eggs can be used on eggs that are not very dirty in appearance.


Cleaning eggs under water.Wet Cleaning of Eggs

Sometimes eggs might be very dirty, with dried yolk and chicken poop sticking to the shell. Such gross eggs require wet cleaning.


  1. Wash the eggs under running water or use a sink sprayer to spray water on them.  Just make sure that the water is not cold. The water should be ideally warmer than the egg.
  2. After washing, dry the eggs with paper towel.
  3. Spray the eggs with a sanitizing spray containing bleach.
  4. Dry eggs on rack and transfer into a clean basket.


Tips to Clean Eggs

  • Never immerse eggs in cold water for cleaning them.
  • Always wash eggs under running water.


Cleaning eggs properly will ensure that bacteria and other contaminants do not enter the shells. However, remember to store the eggs in a cool and dry place (preferably refrigerated) to prevent microbial contamination of the eggs.


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How To Clean Egg