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How To Clean Duck

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Clean duck breasts

If you like to have your duck fresh then you need to know how to clean duck and get the meat ready for the supper table. It is generally seen that the duck breasts are the only parts usually used for cooking. Though, there are people who do use the other parts too, this blog limits itself to cleaning duck so as to get two breasts to be cooked according to the recipe being used...




Requirements for Cleaning Duck


  1. Cutting board.
  2. Sharp knife.
  3. Running water.
  4. Bin for disposal of inedible parts of duck.



Steps for Cleaning Duck         



Clean duck breast          


  1.  Lay the duck on the worktable.
  2. Using the dominant hand pull the skin that covers the breast of duck, all the while holding the duck down with the other hand.
  3. Pull to tear skin away from the breast. This requires some amount of force since duck skin is thick and hard.
  4. Tear the skin to free the breasts. The two breasts would be visible once done.
  5. Now you will find the breastbone – the bone that runs between the two breasts.
  6. Begin to cut the breastbone near the head and free the meat from the bone as you cut it.
  7. Cleaned duck breastsContinue to cut and free meat until you reach the end of breast.
  8. Once the breastbone is removed, you need to separate the meat from the wishbone. This can be done by cutting the wishbone with a sharp knife.
  9. Cut all other skin and tissue surrounding the breasts to free them completely.
  10. Remove any feathers etc.
  11. Wash the breasts well under running water until clean.



  • Pulling skin off duck requires some strength. Some duck skins are hard.
  • Check local regulations regarding disposal of duck carcass.


​Now that you know how to clean duck do refer to some easy to follow recipes to prepare a scrumptious duck meal.


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How To Clean Duck