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Serving Dessert

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serving desserts


Serving dessert is not a tough task but it has an unsaid art of arrangement. How to serve dessert is indeed a sweet quandary as besides taste, presentation is also considered important. If you are wondering about dessert serving ideas, look no further. This blog is your one stop solution. Read on...




How to Serve Dessert

  • Silverware and glassware are the best options for serving desserts in a formal setting. However, you should select dishes of appropriate size, which compliment the dessert being served. The serving dishes should neither be too big nor too small. 
  • If you have certain desserts to serve on your menu, it is better to place the dessert bowls or plates in advance. It will make the serving easier and the guests will have prior intimation of the desserts being served. This, however, may not be possible in case of desserts like ice-cream, which would melt if kept out of refrigerator for too 
  • You can serve tea or coffee with desserts. However, it is better to arrange  some decaffeinated drinks for the guests because after indulging their sweet tooth, there are many who may not like caffeine-based drinks.
  • Desserts which need to be served warm, e.g., brownies, should be kept at room temperature before being served. 
  • For a buffet party, serving dessert is relatively easier as all you need to do is place the dessert dishes on the buffet table and let the guest help themselves. 

Now with these simple tips serving dessert will never be a problem for you henceforth.

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Serving Dessert