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Serving Hi-Tea

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serving afternoon teaServing hi-tea is quite interesting  and learning how to serve hi-tea is  simple too.  The hi-tea is also called meat tea and conventionally this tea session  is arranged in the evening   between 5-6 pm.  The Hi-tea menu includes tea and snacks. Read here to learn how to serve hi-tea.

Table items Required For Serving Hi-tea

Hi-tea table setting includes table decoration and the use of cutleries, including glassware and dinnerware. Glassware includes tumbler and water glass, and dinnerware range includes bread and butter plate, tea cup and saucer, side plate, luncheon plate, fork and knife, butter spreader, teaspoon, dessert fork and spoon. Do not forget adding Tea pot, saucers, milk/cream dispenser in the item list.

Table setting for hi-tea party

Decoration and convenience are the keywords for hi-tea table decoration. You should use stylsih fabric for the tea-table, coasters for saucers and tea cups. You can place candles too. For more hi-tea table decoration please read the blog Table setting for high tea.


Venue selection for Hi-tea

Flexibility of venue is one nof the most enjoyable features of Hi-tea. Depending on the number of guests and also on the level of desired formality, hi tea can be arranged in the backyard garden, front lawn, or on the patio. However if you select an outdoor venue for your tea session, do not forget to use clips with tablecover otherwise things may turn messy due to blowing breeze. If it is a garden venue for inside-house arrangment always place fresh flowers on the tea-table or a fruit basket; it will add a touch of natural ambience.

Menu selection for Hi tea

  • Snacks, especially finger foods, because these are easy to serve and require limited serving instruments.
  • Tea with good flavor and/or with good liquor.
  • Mineral water.

General protocol for serving hi-tea

  • The best time to arrange a hi-tea party is 5-6 pm as the party can replace the dinner requirements for the invitees.
  • Make sure everything is in place before you expect your invitees to start coming in.
  • Finger foods are best suitable foods for hi-tea food menu because these foods are easy to serve, least messy and do not require elaborate preparation methods which will hardly keep the host busy in the kitchen.
  • You are supposed to make arrangements for more than one tea so that one can select his/ her tea according to personal preference. For loose tea you have to arrange for an infuser for each of the guests and for tea bags your guests should have the privilege so that they can manage freely by serving their own tea.
  • For wintry season meat dishes are a wonderful choice. For other seasons make a combo of vegetarian dishes and meat dishes so that the guests can select the foods as per their own discretion.
  • Dessert menu are of special importance at a hi-tea party because it adds a special flavor to the party arrangement, Scones, crumpets, cakes, cookies, and pudding are some sweet dishes which go well at the hi-tea party.
  • Besides serving warm and palatable foods and good quality tea for your guest, keep them entertained with light conversation, and pleasant interactions.

Serving hi-tea in a friendly environment is the ultimate aim of a hi-tea party. As a host you have to take care not only of food quality and food serving, but also the comfort level of the guests. Bid them good bye personally at the end of the party.



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Serving Hi-Tea