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A Patriotic Cheesy American Treat


It’s time to declare independence from standard 4th of July fare. Guests will “ooh and aah” at the perfect, patriotic pairing of, Humboldt Fog™ – an American original – and fresh berries bursting with flavor. As an elegant centerpiece for a backyard barbecue, poolside party or any fireworks-filled festivity, this eye-popping presentation is easy to create. 


Humboldt Fog is a soft ripened goat cheese with a creamy, luscious texture and tangy subtle flavors. It was an American original when introduced nearly 20 years ago and has become an American classic. Each round resembles a white-frosted layer of cake, and the illusion continues when the cheese is sliced.  The delicate ribbon of vegetable ash through the center gives it a remarkable resemblance to a layer cake.



To create this holiday treat:

  • For small gatherings, use a Humboldt Fog Mini (1 lb) or for larger groups, use a 5-pound Humboldt Fog Grande and place the chevre round on a serving plate or wooden tray
  • Place fresh blueberries* in the center of the cheese, forming a small circle
  • Working from the edge of the blueberries outward, place fresh raspberries* in concentric circles, so that the top of the wheel is covered in red and blue berries
  • Create a mini flag with a personalized message on the computer (i.e., Unabashedly American) and attach it to a wooden skewer
  • Serve with rustic artisan breads and honey
  • Pairs well with a Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Noir, or a light wheat beer or pale ale

*Note: For best results, berries should be completely dry before placing on the fluffy white cheese rind cheese. 

Cypress Grove Chevre’s American classic Humboldt Fog bursting with fresh berries is an easy-to-create and elegant centerpiece for a backyard barbecue, poolside party or any fireworks-filled festivity. 


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A Patriotic Cheesy American Treat