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Buffet Finger Foods

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finger foods for buffet

Buffet finger foods serving are a delicious handy way to treat your guests. Buffet finger food ideas are wonderfully creative and can complement the gala mood of the party in a wonderful way. Buffet is arranged for entertaining quite a number of guests and one of the prerequisites of arranging buffet is to arrange easy to serve foods. Finger foods wonderfully fit the bill of buffet arrangement hence buffet finger foods can be counted as safe play in buffet recipe planning for any host like you.


Finger foods are the foods can be eaten with hands; junk foods are mostly finger foods type however, nutritious health friendly buffet finger food ideas are discussed here for ready reference.


Appetizers by fruits


For appetizers in buffet finger foods menu you can keep relish tray and vegetable tray; you may place vegetables like sliced tomatoes, baby carrots, celery sticks, broccoli crown and of course with a tasty deep and ingredients like sauce and mustard.


Finger foods with cheese


You can arrange cheese cubes marinated by pimiento and mayonnaise. Alternatively, cheddar cheese treated by peanut butter and whipped cream is great appetizer recipe buffet party in finger foods category.




Sandwiches are one of the best options in buffet finger food category because with the change of fillers, sandwiches can be enjoyed in varies tastes and it is absolutely easy to handle. For example, you can make chicken sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, cheese sandwiches are wonderful recipes which you can consider while planning for you buffet finger foods menu.


Potato side dish


Potatoes can be wonderful side dish in buffet finger foods list. Small boiled potatoes marinated with celery basil, black pepper, salt, and lemon extract with butter toppings will form wonderful side dish for buffet party. Keep enough toothpicks so that guest can enjoy them without any hassles.


Potato sweet dish


Similarly side dish with sweet baked potatoes seasoned with butter, pepper, cinnamon, and brown sugar is a wonderful recipe for health conscious people as well for guest kids in the buffet party.




Ice creams are the best dessert for buffet party. Ice creams are kind of finger foods also which even does not require finger even to eat, [you have to hold it only] sweet cakes and cream pastries will also happily end the buffet party menu.


Now if you like to plan for buffet finger food menu for your next buffet party you are given with some easy choice. For more finger food recipes, consult ifood.recipe section.


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Buffet Finger Foods