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Tea Party Table Setting

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Tea TableThe most important point to remember for tea party table setting is that it is a cozy and intimate occasion. So, whatever you do to setup the table, it should create the intimate ambience. Here is few essential tea party table setting ideas to help you with your project.


Essential Tea Party Table Setting Ideas

1. Use white or any light pastel shade for your table linens. These are the most suitable colors for setting the right mood of the tea party. Table runners in contrast color can add a subtle touch to the setting. Placemats are not essential for a tea party, however simple and elegant table coasters can play a major role for decoration as well as usage.

2. The table centerpiece is one of the essential requirements of tea party. Fresh seasonal flowers are the best choice for this purpose. The 2-3 tiered food serving stand can also be ideal alternative. You can fill the serving plates with varieties of cookies and other finger foods in various colors.

3. Among the dinnerware, a set of tea cup and saucer, teaspoon, salad plate or luncheon plate and a pair of luncheon fork and knife are the most essential items to serve food and tea for any tea party. You will also require a nice and elegant looking teapot, milk and sugar pot and few bowls with different types of tea bags. If you want to serve lemon tea, then keep the lemon slices in a separate bowl. A waste bowl also be necessary to throw away the used tea bags, lemon slices etc.

4. Placing small votives of candles is also considered among the essential tea party table setting ideas. The elegant and beautiful candle votives are just perfect to create the intimate ambience for the tea party. You can also keep couple of small potted plants to add some natural touch.

5. Place the luncheon plate or salad plate at the center. The luncheon fork and knife should be placed in left and right side of the plate, respectively. The napkin should be nicely folded and placed at the left most position after the luncheon fork. The right most position is reserved for the tea cup and saucer set. The teaspoon would be placed across the saucer or in the cup. All the other serving crockery items should be placed around the center part of the table.


Follow these essential tea party setting ideas to arrange a gorgeous and attractive tea party for your close friends.


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Tea Party Table Setting