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Wedding Table Setting

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A perfect wedding table setting is most important for any wedding party. To setup the dinner table for wedding, one can have several innovative ideas. In fact, there is no restriction or limitation in this respect. So there is plenty of opportunities to experiment with various wedding table setting ideas or to stick with the traditional theme. Whatever you do, be very particular about the basics for setting up the wedding table.


Basic Wedding Table Setting Ideas

Dinner Tables

In most of the wedding occasions, there are going to be multiple dinner tables to accommodate all the guests. The shapes of tables can be round or rectangular, depending upon the choice or availability. The most complicated part of wedding table setting is that you have to decorate all the tables with the same tone. Thus you will require spending more time with more decorating items in hand. So, planning ahead is very much required for this project.

Theme Wedding

Theme Selection

One of the most important wedding table setting ideas is to select a suitable wedding theme. A theme can make the task quite easier, as the items can be easily available and you don't have to think a lot on planning the decoration. You can choose any kind of theme, such as seasonal, beach, ethnic, romantic, traditional etc.


Table Linens

Depending on the theme, choose the suitable table linens for covering the dinner tables. However, it is not mandatory. You can also keep the tables without any table cloths, to give a clean and wooden look. Covering the chairs can also add gorgeous touch to the wedding table setting.



Even if you don’t use table linens, the usage of centerpieces is most essential for setting the wedding tables. The size and length of the centerpiece should be perfectly matching with the size and shape of the table. There are unlimited choices to select the centerpieces, other than the fresh flower bouquets for every table. Beautifully arrange dry flowers, fresh fruits, vegetable or fruit carving or intricate artifacts – everything can be used as the centerpieces.

Place Card Holders

Place cards

Place cards are most essential for hosting any wedding party. Arrange the place cards in proper order of seating, so that you can avoid any type of mismanagement during the wedding dinner. Dedicate a special table at the center to place the special guests along with the married couple. The other tables can be organized to accommodate other guests with the help of these place cards. Use innovative hand-crafted place cards to add a sincere touch to welcome the guests.



Be it traditional or contemporary – candles are must for any wedding get together. You can use a combination of normal candle holders, candle votives or pillar candles to create a perfect ambience for the occasion. Accent the main dinner table with few fat pillar candles, and simple candle votives can highlight the remaining tables.


Other than the glassware and flatware, napkins play a major role in setting the wedding table. The napkins can be even customized to include name, date and venue. Nicely folded napkins or napkins in rings or tied with ribbons, can add the final touch to the wedding table setting project.


After applying all these wedding table setting ideas, don’t forget to check the overall setting thoroughly, as you might miss certain points while working on the wedding table setting.


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Wedding Table Setting