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Christmas Table Setting

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Every winter, the Christmas table setting becomes the most important project for me and my family. We share ideas, accept suggestions from kids and get whole-heartedly involved to this project of fun and creativity. Finally when the Christmas is over with all its festivities, we start to plan for next year. Here you will find a brief discussion on the most important parts of this project, which will definitely bring up more attractive Christmas table setting ideas to experiment on for the coming years.


Important Tips on Christmas Table Setting

The first and foremost aspect of the planning would be to decide on the color scheme. Once the color scheme or the basic theme of decoration is finalized, the remaining part becomes easier. While selecting any particular Christmas theme or any specific color combination, check with your existing interior. The authentic color scheme of Christmas with red, black and green looks vibrant in any kind of setup. However if you want to do something innovative; you should consider the shades of walls, floors and curtains to make the right selection.


Now we will talk about the various important items related to Christmas table setting.

Table Padding

Christmas Table clothThe table padding is one of the most important items to setup Christmas table, as it protects the table from spilled food items and also keeps the table linen in proper place. Usually the table padding is made of vinyl with a felt side and it can be customized according to your table size.


Table Cloths

During the festive time, you will get an array of selections to choose the table cloth for celebrating Christmas. Before buying the table cloth, first measure the dimension of your dinner table. Readymade table cloths are available in various sizes and shapes. You can use one or multiple table cloths to drape the dinner table. To develop a stunning layered effect using multiple table cloths, buy these in various sizes or shapes to lay sequentially starting with the biggest one.


Table Runners and Placemats

Table runners are most important additions to make the table look more glamorous. However the runners should match in contrast with the final layer of table cloth. For instance, if you are using the normal Christmas theme, then choose the runners in red, in case the table cloth is green. The place mats should be completely matching with the design and pattern of table runners. You can also use the 3 basic Christmas colors and white to mix and match with for creating a fantastic look for your Christmas table.


Chair Covers

If you are looking for unique Christmas table setting ideas, then you should not leave the chairs without any covers. Beautifully covered chairs can change the feel of the atmosphere and can give a thriving touch. Readymade chair covers can be bought from your local furnishing shop. Alternately, you can use scarves or table runners to tie into beautiful bows at the back end using the ends or ribbons.



Cloth napkins are the best choice for any festive occasion, including Christmas. However, you can use paper napkins, in case the budget does not permit. Beautifully themed paper napkins are easily available at all the super markets. In case of the cloth napkins, you can use bright colored ones and can follow various folding styles to place on the table. Putting the napkins inside the napkin rings, are also among the elegant ways of table setting.



The table chargers can add some special touch on the Christmas table, though these are not absolutely essential. The colorful chargers are basically the under plates on which you will place the salad or dinner plates. So, choose the chargers in complimentary color with the main dinner set you use.



One of the most important Christmas table setting ideas is to select the dinnerware. Dinnerware in various festive patterns and designs are available in all the places during the Christmas time. If you don’t have any, you should go for one; as this is going to be a one-time investment. Depending on your budget and choice, you can select from various materials and designs.


So, now you are all set to start experimenting with the Christmas table setting for the coming festivity with all these bright table setup ideas and some great Christmas foods.


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Christmas Table Setting