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Table Setting For Dessert

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When you are planning to arrange a buffet or formal dinner at your place, you must know the secrets of table setting for dessert. Dessert is one of the most important parts of your menu and serving dessert in most elegant and subtle style can be considered as an art form. Whether you serve the dessert on table or make a separate buffet table for dessert, you must be very careful in all aspects, starting from the type and quality of dessert items to the aesthetic of the table, crockery and cutleries.


Simple Guideline on Table Setting for Dessert

Decorating the Dessert Table

  • If you are serving on table, then you have to keep the basic decoration same as it was during the serving of main course. However, you can definitely be creative for the crockery and cutlery set, which are used only for dessert. Considering the availability and budget, arrange the most sophisticated and elegant bone china set for serving the dessert. Even the crystal dessert set also adds a special touch to the dessert table setting. Similarly, the sterling silver dessert cutlery will be the best choice for this part of the meal. Beautifully crafted steel cutlery will also fit perfectly in this respect.
  • If you are serving dessert in buffet style, then keep the dessert table as simple as possible. The dessert table is comparatively smaller in size, so keeping huge centerpieces will simply make the table too crowded. Use light colored table linens to brighten up the mood. A few strands of fresh or dried flowers can be the best choice for the dessert table. Also pay a special attention to the serving utensils, as you can use fine bone china or crystal items instead of the normal ones.


Essential Dessert Table Items

The dessert table items will depend upon the type of desserts you serve. The normal choices for dessert table items are –

  • Flatware – Dessert fork, cake knife and dessert spoon.
  • Dinnerware – Dessert plate, dessert bowl and ice-cream cup, in case you are serving ice-cream.
  • Serving utensils and serving spoons, in case of buffet style meal.


Steps on Table Setting for Dessert

  • To serve the dessert on table, place the dessert fork and spoon in the usual position, just above the main plate. In this case, you also have the choice to set the dessert crockery and cutlery, once the main course is over. In that case, place the dessert fork on the left and the cake knife and dessert spoon on the right side of the dessert plate. Substitute the dessert plate with a matching dessert bowl, when the purpose of dessert plate is over.
  • For a buffet style dessert table, stack the dessert plates and dessert bowls at the beginning. Place the dessert items sequentially according to the menu on the table. Place a bowl of clean water beside the ice-cream pot to keep the ice-cream scoop dipped into water. After the dessert items, place the bunch of dessert spoons, dessert forks and dessert knives. The guests can pick up the required cutlery as per his choice of desserts. Place the topping and sauce materials on a tray, right after the bunch of cutleries.


Your task of table setting for dessert can turn to be the simplest job, when you serve delicious, mouth-watering desserts to your guests with a touch of sincerity and affection.


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Table Setting For Dessert