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Table Setting For Brunch

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Organizing a brunch party would become the easiest thing, when you have the knowledge on table setting for brunch. Brunch is the meal served after breakfast and before lunch. Many consider brunch as a light lunch, but it can as well be a heavy one, with lots of foods on table including breakfast and lunch menus. Here is the simple guideline on brunch table setting which will help you in any confusion for arranging a brunch party.


How to Setup the Brunch Table

Brunch Table Decoration

As such there is no proper rule on table setting for brunch. Mostly it depends on the foods you are serving. Buffet style serving is the most preferred choice for hosting the brunch. Selecting a theme can help you in deciding on the table décor. However, it would be better to keep the decoration as much simple as possible. As you have to present several choices of food, any intricate decoration might get overwritten. A large centerpiece can be used as the attractive eye-catcher of the brunch table. The long-stemmed flowers or a large fruit basket or carved vegetable artwork can be the best choice for the brunch table setting.


Brunch Table Items

Depending on the style of serving and the type of foods, the item list will vary. If you are serving the brunch on buffet style, then follow the guidelines on setting up a buffet table. If you plan to serve the brunch on table, then choose the main dinnerware, silverware and glassware used for serving lunch. However, only addition could be a tea or coffee set, in case you serve tea or coffee in the brunch. If you plan to serve champagne or wine, then you need to place the champagne flute or wine glass along with the tumbler.


Basic Brunch Table Setting

  • In case of a buffet, keep the plates in a stack at the beginning. Place the side dishes, followed by the main dish and other choices. End with the essential silverware items to handle food.
  • Instead of individual serving, place the luncheon set, following the same rules to setup the lunch table. Place the coffee or tea cup set at the left most part of the luncheon table by facing the cup handle towards right. Put an extra teaspoon across the saucer.

Table setting for brunch becomes pretty easy, when you expertise on other important table setting for dinner, lunch etc. You are free to do any type of experimenting while you set up the brunch table.



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Table Setting For Brunch