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Table Setting For Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon PartyTo arrange a nice and friendly afternoon get together at your home, you must have these simple guidelines on table setting for afternoon tea. Afternoon is normally a cozy time of the day, when you would like the presence of some of the most special persons in your life. With the following guidelines on afternoon tea table setting, it will become pretty easy to organize one.


Simple Guidelines on Table Setting for Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Table Decoration

The most important aspect of any afternoon tea party is the tea and its related items. The afternoon tea does not serve heavy food, only light snacks to go with the tea. So, normally need not fix in plenty of items. Nevetheless, it is essential to set the right mood with proper ambience and setup. Light or sober colors, elegant accessories and a simple table centerpiece will be sufficient to attract your guests. To set up the afternoon tea table, do not go for heavy table accessories. Use a simple yet elegant tablecloth; placemats are not absolutely essential, though you can use matching combinations with the table cloth. A few bunch of coasters, some fresh flowers or single candle stand or a small piece of artifact are enough to set the mood perfect for the afternoon tea.


Afternoon Tea Table Items

For setting the afternoon tea table, you will require some of the most basic items, which are given below –

  • Crockery – Tea pot, tea cups and saucers, sugar and milk pot and salad plates
  • Silverware – Luncheon knife, Salad fork and teaspoons
  • Glassware – normal water glass or tumbler

It is preferable to use the bone-china tea set for the afternoon tea table setting. The bone-china tea set usually includes multiple numbers of tea cup and saucer set, one tea pot, sugar pot and milk pot – all in matching design. Floral design is the best choice for afternoon tea table, but you can be bold to experiment with patterns. Even mix and match style can also bring an innovative effect to the whole setup. For silverware, sterling silver is definitely the most elegant choice, but steel alternatives can also serve the purpose. The smaller sized napkins are the only choice for the afternoon tea party.


Steps on Table Setting for Afternoon TeaAfternoon Tea Table

Step 1 – Place the salad plate at the main position on the placemat or coaster.

Step 2 – On the right of the salad plate, place the luncheon knife and one teaspoon.

Step 3 – On the left side, keep the salad fork following with the napkin in quarter fold.

Step 4 – The water glass or tumbler should be placed just on the top most right corner.

Step 5 – Place the tea cup and saucer set on the right most side of the plate. Keep the tea cup handle pointed towards the right. Place another teaspoon across the saucer.

Step 6 – The tea pot, sugar pot and milk pot would be placed at the center of the tea table, so that everyone can easily handle these items.


With the above table setting for afternoon tea, you are almost ready to serve your guests with light and savory snacks.


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Table Setting For Afternoon Tea