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Table Setting For High Tea

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High Tea TableIf you are going to arrange an afternoon party for your friends, then this guideline on table setting for high tea will be quite handy to you. A high tea is perhaps the best occasion to spend some quality time with the persons, who are closest to your heart. Food is one of the important feature of high tea, but not the only feature. The high tea occasion is more of a get-together and less of eating. You have to keep this point in mind while planning about high tea table setting.



Simple Guideline on Table Setting for High Tea

High Tea Table Decoration

While setting the high tea table, you should give more importance to the decorating part. A high tea is a nice way to relax and enjoy in a cool and friendly ambience during the afternoon. So, the decoration too should have a cool and relaxing feel. Light shades of fabric go better for the high tea occasion than the dark colors. If you arrange the high tea in your backyard or lawn, then make sure to secure the tablecloth ends with a pin or stapler. Otherwise, wind may blow out everything on top the table along with the tablecloth. Placemats can be selected in matching or contrast colors. The table coasters can also be a wise selection to place small items like tea cup and saucer. Try to have a heavy and medium sized centerpiece on the table, as it can keep the things in place and still can enhance the look of the table. Fresh flower, unscented candles or any simple artwork will just be perfect.


High Tea Table Items

A high tea occasion does not require many cutleries and china set, a few elegant addition will be sufficient for the high tea party. Here is the list of essential high tea party items.

  • Glassware – water glass or tumbler.
  • Dinnerware - luncheon plate, side plate, bread and butter plate, tea cup and saucer.
  • Flatware – luncheon fork and knife, butter spreader, teaspoon, dessert fork and spoon.

Depending on the formality level, you can choose the material of the table items. Bone china set is definitely elegant choice for high tea table setting, but you can use other alternatives also, in case the occasion is an informal one. Similarly, the flatware can range from sterling silver to steel, even the disposable ones. Make sure to provide luncheon napkins, which are smaller in size than the dinner napkins.


Rules for Setting the High Tea Table

  • Step 1 – Place the luncheon plate on top of the placemat. Position the service plate on top of the luncheon plate.High Tea Table Setting
  • Step 2 – On the right side of luncheon plate, place the luncheon knife and dessert spoon sequentially starting from the left position.
  • Step 3 – On the left side of luncheon table, place the luncheon fork, dessert fork and napkin, one after another, starting from the right side.
  • Step 4 – Make a top row, by placing the bread and butter plate on the leftmost corner. Keep the butter spreader on top of the bread plate.
  • Step 5 – On the rightmost corner of the top row, place the water glass or tumbler on a table coaster.
  • Step 6 – At the rightmost position, place the tea cup on saucer on another table coaster. Put the teaspoon across the saucer.


Once you are done with the table setting for high tea, it is the time to welcome your guests with mouthwatering tea party food and to take pleasure in their appreciation.


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Table Setting For High Tea